[Techtalk] XP with Linux

ed orphan millward at Ms.UManitoba.CA
Fri Jun 13 07:31:42 EST 2003

Is it possible to install both Windows XP and
Red Hat 9.0 on the same hard drive and
have them boot from GRUB ?
I've downloaded the HOWTO files dealing
with a Linux and Windows install but they
do not cover XP. It's 95/98.
I'ver heard that XP has some new file system
that Linux can't access. Is this true?
   If necessary, I will buy them seperate
hard drives, but I still need some
advice on how to go about installing
these two together on the same computer. 
   I'd really like to use GRUB as the
boot loader because most of the time
I won't be needing XP and I can just
adjust /etc/grub.conf and it will go away.
   The motherboard is an
ASUS NVIDIA A7N8X with an 
Athlon 2500, 1 Gig ram, 80 Gig HD.
  Any information or suggestions would
be most helpful.  I don't want to mess this up.

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