[Techtalk] RedHat 8, Apache and PHP

Vera Childs vera at dc-vc.net
Fri Feb 28 10:27:30 EST 2003

On 2/28/2003 at 6:58 AM Beth Johnson wrote:
>Ah, that's where your set up will differ greatly from mine.  Apache 2
>handles PHP quite differently.  The stuff for PHP is handled in its own
>conf file under etc/httpd/conf.d/php.conf, and the include statement in
>the httpd.conf tells apache to load any *.conf from that directory.  The
>stuff that I did is straight from the migration.html that is in the
>Apache 2 docs.

That's how mine is set up. The AddType statements are in the php.conf file.
The other stuff is in the main conf file.

>I did find some reference to the php 4.3 releases working better with
>Apache 2, but I can't find any 4.3 rpms.

I found one here, although I've never heard of this site (ie, I don't know
if this is a safe place to download from):


>From a quick Google search, I gather that most Redhat 8 people build PHP
4.3 from a source rpm, but I don't know where they got it from. When I
built Apache 2 and PHP 4.3, I just built both from source (on Redhat 7.3).
I don't think I had any problems, but this was last year, so my memory
isn't that good. :P


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