How Do I Make Ghostscript See My Printer? Was: Re: [Techtalk] CUPS -- Detects Printer, but Aborts Print Jobs (Lexmark Z43)

Akkana akkana at
Mon Feb 24 12:38:32 EST 2003

Emma Jane Hogbin writes:
> g'luck. I've been able to print all documents if I can print any
> documents. I was using RedHat 7.3 though, I think you're using 7.2 (AND I

With my Epson, I got empty pages from Redhat 7.2.  I thought it was
their epson driver, but maybe it's a generic problem in 7.2.  I
eventually cured it by reinstalling lots of the printing software,
including gimp-print from source; but upgrading to Redhat 7.3 was
a much easier fix (printing seems to work much better in 7.3).

But I've also generally found LPRng to work much better than CUPS
under Redhat, so if you haven't tried that, I recommend trying LPRng
(then you can use Redhat's standard printer setup tools).
Debian goes the other way -- CUPS works better on Debian.


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