O/T Re: [Techtalk] Re: Tip for buying old hardware :-)

Jessica Smith crystalsinger at mail.com
Sat Feb 22 15:43:43 EST 2003

Hi Brenda,

At 21/02/03 09:15 PM -0500, you wrote:

>To my credit... I remember Trash 80's, VisiCalc, System 3, Realia

Now, now girlfriend - don't you go diss'in no Trash 80s!  ;-)

I learned BASIC (and avoided Assembler!) on my old Tandy Color (sic) 
Computer, and have many fond memories... Mind you, even though it's still 
sitting in the closet, I'm more likely to run an emulator on my PC these 
days - just for nostalgia mind you.  :-)


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