[Techtalk] Re: Tip for buying old hardware

Vera Childs vera at dc-vc.net
Fri Feb 21 16:16:57 EST 2003

On 2/21/2003 at 3:02 PM Brenda Bell wrote:
>Don't stop there... I needed a firewall solution and didn't really
>know what I was looking for as far as functionality went -- so I
>pulled a supposedly worthless 386 out of a closet, slammed an old disk
>drive in it that was too small for anything else and installed NetBSD
>Firewall.  It's been humming along for about 12 months with one
>deliberate reboot to hook it up to a new UPS.

Oh, we haven't! :) One machine he picked up either at a yardsale or a
thrift store for dirt cheap is our firewall/router. For this, we removed
everything but the floppy drive and the ethernet card, and have Linux On A
Floppy (LOAF) running. We've been using it with DSL for over 2 years now
and have never had a problem with it.


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