[Techtalk] cross-platform, cross-browser testing

Jessica Smith crystalsinger at mail.com
Fri Feb 21 15:09:05 EST 2003

Hi Emma,

>The important part for me is to see how something really does look in
>another browser on another platform.

>Someone told me that with the emulation option I'm still limited to one
>version of IE. With the virtual machine I /could/ have multiple IEs, but I
>don't have the disk space to have several operating system installs.
>Thoughts or comments on this?

You might like to take a look at an online service called BrowserPhoto:

It does screen captures of the page(s) you nominate on each of the 
different platforms so you see exactly what an end user would.

They support 16 browser versions, including 6 versions/resolutions of IE on 
Win, and 2 versions of IE on Mac. Not sure whether the pricing model would 
suit you, but it may be work a look.

And the disclaimer - I have no affiliation with the company or the service, 
I just came across it recently and filed it away in my interesting/useful 
basket...  :-)


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