[Techtalk] mgp2html revamp

Emma Jane Hogbin emmajane at xtrinsic.com
Mon Feb 17 00:58:43 EST 2003

Well I went in and started playing around with the perl script. As best I
can tell it's written as a line-by-line transfer from the .mgp file to an
HTML file. As a result it's a bit of a bear to translate it into nice

For example:
(page 4)<br>
Displaying a list of pages<br>
To display a list of pages,<br>
		<li>Type CTL

			When you move your mouse on to one of the pages,
			you can see its title. (How cool!)<br>
			Clicking the left button on a page pressing CTL,
			you can jump to the page<br>
			Type CTL to display a list of pages,<br>
			and move your mouse on to the page 6.<br>
			Then click the left.<br>

			(page 5)<br>

(ignore the fact that vi doesn't like copying and pasting from other
documents...just look at the HTML formatting)

See how there's nothing interesting to distinguish where one slide stops
and the text starts? I'm going to re-write this so that "slides" sit
inside <div>s. Then with the magicalmagic of CSS you'll be able to put
borders on the bottom of your slides and change the indentation. I'll
probably use the existing mgp2html as a reference for all the variables,
but I think it's going to be easier to write from the bottom up...

Please let me know if you have any requests...I've already added a -title
option to the command line so that you can add an <title> to the document.
(That's a no-brainer, right?)

I think I'll also supply a default .css file that styles things like:
	page numbers (I'll probably hide them by default)
	breaks between slides (add borders here instead of <hr>s)

Before I get bored, I can probably add the option to (1) embed CSS rules
or (2) export them to a separate file or (3) import them from an external
file as a link or as a copy and paste....but that's just because I'm
procrastinating on other stuff. ;)

emma <-- any excuse to play with perl is a good excuse to not do work with

Emma Jane Hogbin
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