[Techtalk] Sysgen question (Telsa?)

Akkana akkana at shallowsky.com
Fri Feb 14 19:38:21 EST 2003

Caitlyn M. Martin writes:
> I have a new (to me) Toshiba Libretto SS1010CT:  Pentium 233MMX, 96MB
[ ... ]
> Here's the problem:  the Red Hat installer doesn't recognize the PCMCIA
> slot.  This is well documented on the web.  That means NFS and PCMCIA

Strange ... I've generally found Redhat to be better at recognizing
pcmcia CDROMs than most distros, but obviously not in this case.

You're probably way ahead of me (sounds like it) from your previous
Libretto experience, but have you checked the Libretto pages on
linux-laptops.com?  There are a lot of them, and many of them have very
detailed instructions for various ways people have found to get around
the no-cdrom problem.  (Some of them use networking or floppes, but
others use other means.)  When I was preparing to install linux on my
no-CD Vaio, I spent a lot of time in those Libretto pages (they were
much better than the corresponding Vaio pages, at the time) but then at
the eleventh hour my husband bought a pcmcia cdrom that turned out to
work fine with ~edhat, so I didn't have to use any of those schemes


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