[Techtalk] Re: Tracing Telnet Sessions

Scott Sandeman-Allen (RSCorp) scott at rscorp.ab.ca
Fri Feb 14 16:15:14 EST 2003

Thank you Carol, Brenda & Kathryn!

I realized in my response that I only posted to Carol and
not the list... technology, So much fun, so little time ;-)

> I'm trying to Telnet into a legacy system that I now have
> to work with. It is an HP 9000 running custom database
> front end that is at least 15 years old and curses based.


The server is running HP-UX. I believe it is a SysV
derivative. I'm running several platforms trying to figure
out where the problem is (Linux, OpenBSD, Mac OSX 10.2 &
... NT/XP).


Thanks for the 'script' tip. I didn't know about that
application! It will be very useful.

I was able to trace the I/O using tcpdump as root

    tcpdump -i eth0 -nqtlX port 25 > outfile.txt

Now, I have a relatively nice, formatted output file with
the hex and ascii separated by i/o sesssions between the
server and my laptop.

Very cool. I've been meaning to learn how to use tcpdump for
a while. When I posted my question, I had forgotten about
that application.


I'm going to track down HPTerm in a sec and do the same
tests I just ran with the other telnet/tty0 session and
compare. Should be educational!

Thanks for the great tips & pointers, everyone.



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