[Techtalk] Infrared with an Acer TM 612 TX

Claudia monsviridinus at tin.it
Tue Feb 11 14:18:56 EST 2003

Hi everyone!!
I have a question for you all.
I have an Acer TM 612 TX with an infrared port and it would be very nice to make it work with other laptops
and to use lirc and something like that...
I read the Infrared HOWTO and documentation on the web : I discovered that my port is a FIR port (it needs the smc-ircc module).
Following the instruction I created some new devices,I modified the file /etc/modules.conf (I'm running a Slackware 8.1),I did a "setserial /dev/ttyS1 uart none" to make the serial port "free",I did "irattach irda0 -s",I checked the
irda device with ifconfig (and apparently it's OK).
Then I tested my configuration with irdadump and irdaping : I see my laptop and another laptop (identical) and I can ping the HW address if my infrared port....BUT when I try to make the two laptops communicate with pppd or irnet
it seems they can't see each other (the othes laptop is identical to mine and has the same configuration)...
If I check /var/log/messages the  pppd connection falls down because it can't  find the other laptop!!

Any ideas?
Thank you 

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