[Techtalk] kde 3.1

Tracey Clark grrliegeek at elenari.net
Sat Feb 8 00:55:41 EST 2003

On Friday 07 February 2003 10:36 pm, wolf wrote:
> Just curious has anyone tried installing kde 3.1 on red hat?
> Specifically Red Hat 7.3 and if so,
> how'd the install go? : ) 

I have installed it on RH 8.0, which is not specifically what you asked. 
FWIW I think it's why Gnome is now broken - the menus don't seem to 
have any words anymore, and all I get is error message boxes with no 
words, just a - and an "OK" button with just the arrow graphic, no 
text. I'm wondering if this is the joy resulting from broken QT code, 
or just RH's implementation stepping on RH's own toes. (The rpms were 
downloaded from RH's servers).


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