SOLVED Re: [Techtalk] printing with line wrap

Malcolm Tredinnick malcolm at
Fri Feb 7 18:19:31 EST 2003

On Fri, Feb 07, 2003 at 12:51:24AM -0500, Emma Jane Hogbin wrote:
> /ahem/ if you're going to plop down a large chunk of money on the Unix
> Power Tools book, remember to use it as a reference!!

Heh. :-)

The number of times I have solved some problem only to think "well, if
I'd known that was going to be the answer, I could have looked it up
here in the first place" are innumerable. But that particular book is
often a good first place to look for this sort of stuff, 'tis true.

> The command I was looking for was "enscript" -- and it works like a charm.
> I need to fiddle with some of the defaults (like number of lines printed
> on a page), but it's great!

If you are going to be moving between Linux distributions, also be aware
of mpage and a2ps, which can do similar things.


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