[Techtalk] Pathetic Mini How-To on CUPS & MacOSX Clients

WolfRyder wolfryder at qwest.net
Thu Feb 6 18:14:12 EST 2003

>Beyond those places? I have my hand out asking for cash. I have to earn
>a living too. Quite honestly, I think six mailing lists and one IRC
>channel is quite enough free tech support for any one person to give.
>Jenn V.

When I couldn't even go into the IRC channel where we usually hug out 
without people asking me where my spouse was because "they needed some 
help", I finally got mad enough to blow up @ them. I'm not a "gofer" or 
secretary making appointments for him. He got upset too cause he couldn't 
even go in and just chat without tech questions coming up. He's stopped 
helping. He refers people to on-line sources and I suggest book titles I've 
either bought, had recommendations given to me or those with good reviews.

He's very selective in people he helps now. I just don't answer when 
someone asks a tech question (even if I know the answer).

Carol aka Wolfie

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