[Techtalk] Software recommendation: photo database

etb lizzy at soggytrousers.net
Mon Dec 29 03:00:18 EST 2003

Aguido writes:

> > Anyway I've held my tongue on this topic long enough I suppose and I 
> > suggest that she simply define her own XML schema (not necessarily 
> > "XML Schema" but rather the scheme itself) and build tools to work 
> > with it.
> They seem to have already had a go:
>      http://xml.coverpages.org/ni2002-12-28-a.html

That is nice but not really what I was going after; I meant that
perhaps it would be nice if she simply defined her own schema or XML
format to encode her data and then tap into the various XML libraries
available to create and work with the xml file:

  <subject>Us at the Beach</subject>
  <location>Fort Lauderdale, FL</location>

etc. The only catch is searching but perhaps XPath could work for the
time being until XQuery is formalized (to be honest I haven't been
keeping up with the latest XML news). For example, to search for
photographs that contain 'Brother' :

             //photo/person[string(.) = 'Brother')]]

or something like that (I'd have to test it to be sure). The nice
thing about this of course is if, say, some standard format comes
along then she can simply use XSLT to transform it into that other
format with little difficulty plus its easy to work with even in a
text editor.


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