[Techtalk] Software recommendation: photo database

Megan Payne chastity at suitware.com
Sun Dec 28 21:39:24 EST 2003

Have you tried Gramps? It is on sourceforge.net. It can import and 
export GEDCOM files. I installed it a ways back and it seemed Ok, but I 
haven't used it recently.



Piglet wrote:
> It is very much the standard format for genealogy.
> The down side of this for linux users is that there isn't any such animal as
> a user-friendly genealogy program in Linux, last I looked.
> --pig
> On 12/28/03 3:21 AM, horatio at computer.org shared this thought:
>>I did some digging around, and GEDCOM seems to be the closest thing
>>there is to a standard open data format for genealogical data.

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