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Mon Dec 22 16:15:57 EST 2003


I am stuck supporting win2k desktops here (even though I was told that "another group takes care of that for us" in my interviews...), and I have a dilemma.

I need to fix it so that ALL the files these people save are stored on the network.  Moving the "my documents" folder was no problem, of course, but isn't there a way to move the Desktop as well?  The last time I had to do anything like this, we were running WinNT, I think, but we had the desktop pointed to each person's directory on the network so that if their machine crashed, we could ghost it back up again and all their files would be (hopefully) safe and sound on the big network drive with the nightly backups.

Is it just not possible to do this in Win2k, or is there some trick to it, or does anyone know?

Oh yeah, and happy/merry whatever to you all.  Pick a day, have a great one, and call it a Holiday.  :)

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