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Ricky Buchanan rb at tertius.net.au
Tue Dec 23 07:20:10 EST 2003

Raven Alder wrote:
> Heya --


> Quoth Ricky Buchanan (Mon, Dec 15, 2003 at 10:27:51PM +1100):
> > How do I get Lynx to save cookies between sessions?  It SAVES them - I
> > can see the jar in .lynx/cookies - but it doesn't reuse them.
> 	What version of Lynx are you using?  In the default compile up
> until 2.8, there just isn't this feature.


> 	The latest available is v2.8.4.  But if you compile your own
> Lynx with the --enable-persistent-cookies flag, then unexpired cookies
> will be stored between sessions in the filename set with the COOKIE_FILE
> option in your .lynxrc.

How do I know if its compiled with this flag?  It seems to OFFER all the
cookies and my COOKIE_FILE contains this:

.amazon.com	TRUE	/	FALSE	2082787201	ubid-main	077-1968602-5668506
.amazon.com	TRUE	/	FALSE	2082787201	x-main	xOfjZlDvSvPfQUEqnilHT27zpj1k4npk
.egroups.com	TRUE	/	FALSE	1010707199	userbirthyear	119750103
.altavista.com	TRUE	/	FALSE	1388491200	AV_USERKEY	AVSe05c03627d0000790010ac0004be8
www.livejournal.com	FALSE	/	FALSE	1002893061	BMLSESSION	xdgszesprjzmgmbrvljdkyvfyz

etc etc etc lots snipped :)

Anyway, so how come if things are *in* the cookies file, and cookies
seem to be turned *on*, they never seem to get used?


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