[Techtalk] Re: [Issues] Merry Christmas!

Andrea Landaker qirien at icecavern.net
Mon Dec 22 11:09:09 EST 2003

> At the risk of being a Bah Humbug,
> Why is it that some people assume we all want to be wished a Merry
> Christmas? We're not all Christian here (pagan, personally). I appreciate
> you wanting to pass on some holiday cheer, but please be inclusive rather
> than exclusive. There are many many holiday traditions that surround
> December 21st and the solstice. A simple "Happy Holidays" covers them
> all.

But . . . "Happy Holidays" sounds so bland, like a commercial on TV or a piece 
of candy with all the sugar sucked out of it.  I'd much rather someone wished 
me a Happy Hannukah, or a Happy Winter Solstice, or Happy Ramadan (though 
that was a while ago), or almost anything else, rather than "Happy Holidays", 
even though I don't celebrate those holidays.  Then I know that their 
well-wishing actually means something that's related to what's going on in 
their life.

I think it's a lot more meaningful and personal to reference the holidays you 
yourself celebrate -- then you're usually spreading the cheer that you really 
feel inside, and not saying what you're supposed to say to be "inclusive".  I 
don't think anybody's assuming that everybody here is a Christian -- just 
sharing the cheer and joy that they are experiencing.  

> And a Merry Yuletide to you ;)

A Merry Yuletide to you!  I don't personally celebrate it, but I'm happy to 
share in your joy about a holiday you enjoy.

A Merry Christmas to all those who would like to share in my joy (and to 
everyone else, Happy Holidays).  :-)

Andrea Landaker

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