[Techtalk] Midnight Commander missing

MMP - Barb Fox mmp_fox at bellsouth.net
Fri Dec 19 10:24:32 EST 2003

 >I went back and re-ran the install to add some packages as I wanted to 
have Midnight Commander installed but I still get "command not >found" when 
I type in MC logged in under root.     I thought I had traced what packages 
were needed for MC, but I must have missed >some thing.  How can I tell 
what I need to install?

Install rpmdb-redhat, and RedHat will help you with dependency issues with rpm.

If you can put all the RPM's in one directory on a server, use this command:
Example:    rpm -ivh --aid  whateverpackage-2.5-2.i386.rpm
The rpmdb-redhat package adds the option --aid to rpm. It will 
AUTOMATICALLY install the dependent packages.

Since it's not always feasible to have an online depot, rpmdb-redhat always 
provides the --redhatprovides option:
rpm --redhatprovides FILENAME   and
rpm --redhatprovides  CAPABILITY
rpm -q --redhatprovides xxx.so.x        for example

  (these will identify dependencies)

Another package that could be helpful is redhat-config-packages.  This one 
helps install the pre-configured packaged groups available at install time 
from /RedHat/base/comps.xml.

Barb Fox
mmp_fox at bellsouth.net

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