[Techtalk] SuSE 8.2+cups conf problems

EevaJärvinen eeva.jarvinen1 at luukku.com
Fri Dec 19 16:30:22 EST 2003


How does one control how a queue understands its input?  Somehow,
abiword+OOo print as they should.  But printing from sodipodi produces
a postscript document, printed out as postscript code.  I knew how to
cure this kind of problems in RH but SuSE seems to be very oddball
about its printer configuration.  I mean, to switch default printer
you have to run YaST, and YaST is frankly completely confusing.  I can
grok lprng.  I can grok cups on its own.  I have written printcap
entries in order to get fast ascii printing.  What's with this system?
How can I tell cups (in SuSE) that a particular queue should treat
text as ps code all the time?


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