Finding out on which CD a package is (was: [Techtalk] Midnight Commander missing)

Dominik Schramm dominik.schramm at
Fri Dec 19 11:42:05 EST 2003

Hi all,

On 12/19/2003 02:15 AM, John Clarke wrote:

>[...]  You
>can find the rpm on one of the three RH9 binary CDs (I don't have them
>here so I can't tell you which one), [...]

I've always wondered if there is a quick way of finding out
on which binary or source CD a certain package is.
This applies to all distributions.

Sometimes I just want to copy one or two packages (for which all
dependencies are already met) to several machines and
install them manually (rpm or dpkg).
For this I need to find out on which binary CD these packages
are. (Just inserting CDs one after the other and searching for the
files is time-consuming.)

On SuSE there has to be a way because yast tells you
to insert CD xy when you select the package(s).
I imagine I just copy some index file from one binary CD
to disk and then search this file to find out the CD number
for a package.

On RedHat...?

On Debian I could use this way:
(dselect or apt here). The index files here for the multicd2 method:

maps package names to paths on CD

maps package paths to CD number

Then, looking for a package goes like this:
$ zgrep somepackage /var/lib/dpkg/methods/multicd2/cache/x-medium.gz

For all distros I can of course write a shell script which
searches a (manually) pre-built "database" for a given term
and returns the CD number, but I'm interested in an
"official" way.

thanks for any ideas
kind regards

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