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Fri Dec 12 13:39:55 EST 2003

Hello all,

I am charged with installing debian on an IBM xseries 335 server.  The problem is the LSI scsi adapter.  Debian doesn't recognize it and wants a preload with the proper module before it can proceed.  preload-2.4.20.bin would probably do it for me, but people.debian.org is still down and I cannot find that preload anywhere else.

After failing on the woody install, I tried installing knoppix to the hard drive to see what knoppix made of it (it's a debian-based distro after all).  The process was surprisingly painless and seemed to go off without a hitch, all the way up to the reboot, when knoppix failed while trying to load modules and therefore could not recognize the hard drive again.  What this seems to say is that knoppix found drivers for the scsi adapter during install, but somehow they were not made available to the boot process.  If I boot from the knoppix cd, I can mount the drive and see that stuff has indeed been written there, so the mpt module must be part of the knoppix installation. . .

I don't really want knoppix on the machine ultimately.  The boss wants debian woody on it.  I wish he had checked the hardware compatibility before ordering the server, but I wasn't here then and I can't go back and fix that without mucking about with the fabric of space and time.  :)  However, if I could get the knoppix install working, that would be just alright with me.


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