[Techtalk] vi clones

Claudine Chionh claudine at chionh.org
Tue Dec 9 18:40:41 EST 2003

Carla Schroder skribis,

> I've found a number of cutely-named clones, though not all of them are 
> actively maintained anymore: vim, elvis, vile, calvin, vigor, viper, 
> and virus. 

On my old Debian box my main editor was elvis - one of the features I
liked was that you could preview HTML files within the editor. Also, the
app icon and URL <http://elvis.the-little-red-haired-girl.org/> are

I now use Vim on any computer that runs it, including my Win2k box at
work and Mac OS X at home. I guess I could try to compile Elvis on OS X,
but apt-get has made me lazy (the Fink project for OS X hasn't packaged
Elvis yet). Oh wait, there's a Win32 binary for Elvis... but I've gotten
too accustomed to Vim now.

I occasionally play around in Emacs to try out some of the toys that
come with it, and I'd go crazy without viper mode (vi-emulation within

writing this in Vim on a FreeBSD box :-)

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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