[Techtalk] Anybody out there?

Sara neuroticia at neuroticia.net
Sat Dec 6 15:27:04 EST 2003

Describe away.

You'd get much more help much faster if you described in the same email
as you asked "anyone out there?" ;) 

"Caving in on all fronts" sounds scary. Like hard-drive-dying scary, or
hacked-box scary. First thing I'd do is back up whatever you can (new
backup--don't overwrite backup media!!!) just in case something's on its
way out. Always better safe than sorry. 


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> Hello there,
> Is anybody out there right now? Anybody who could try to help me with
> number of problems on my server? My boss is on holiday and the system
> caving in on all sorts of fronts. It seems to be getting worse and I
> need some help to make sense of what's happening.
> If someone is there, I'll start describing the problems.
> Alexandra
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