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Subject: [Techtalk] Configuration Restrictions

> I would like to make a public terminal with Mandrake 9.1 that would only 
> allow the user to use the programs such as openoffice and mozilla...with 
> permission to print.  How do I go about blocking all access to 
> configuration--and I mean all.  I don't want anyone to even be able to 
> move a desktop icon.
> Thanks Wendy

I wondered on that issue too, and the best thing I can find is writing an X client (maybe in Python, with Qt et al.) which would display a single window (like that in Win 3.1, if you remember :-) with all necessary shortcuts. Maybe even one more, which would track its being killed and restart it when such an emergency occurs. 

All that also involves modifying your X startup files by hand. User, surely, will be able to move that window around, minimizing it, but she will be unable to shut it down -- as she closes the window, it will appear again.

That's is as far as I can see, maybe there exists a project on www.sf.net, like some restricted desktop for Internet clubs... I suppose you're about to organize thing like that, aren't you?

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