[Techtalk] Configuration Restrictions

Kai MacTane kmactane at GothPunk.com
Wed Aug 27 19:33:24 EST 2003

At 8/27/03 05:48 PM , rocketgirl wrote:
>I would like to make a public terminal with Mandrake 9.1 that would only 
>allow the user to use the programs such as openoffice and mozilla...with 
>permission to print.  How do I go about blocking all access to 
>configuration--and I mean all.  I don't want anyone to even be able to 
>move a desktop icon.

You might be interested in Jamie Zawinski's writeup on how he set up the 
public terminals at his night club. Though his desired configuration was a 
little more permissive than yours, the basic idea of disallowing any (at 
least, any permanent) changes by the user might be of use or interest to you:


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