[Techtalk] Google caching

Karen Locke karenl at scrserv.com
Mon Aug 18 20:52:21 EST 2003

Thanks, Mary and Cynthia.  I've passed the info on to my husband, who is 
diligently requesting removals.

On Monday 18 August 2003 14:45, Mary wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 15, 2003, Karen Locke wrote:
> > I doubt the company even realizes there is such a thing as a search
> > engine cache.  Is there anything he can do to get the info off the web? 
> > Or are we just stuck?  (Grrrrr)
> Cynthia has already replied with instructions for removing the site from
> Google's (etc) cache. However, even if you or they do not apply to have the
> caches removed, the next time the search engine updates, it will remove
> the cache itself. Search engines do not cache content that has
> disappeared (well, they don't after the next time the robot visits the
> site).
> A bigger worry is the web.archive.org historical web archive. Make sure
> you check there too to see if they cached the document in question. They
> *won't* remove their cache if they notice the document is gone, because
> the whole point of web.archive.org is to be a historical mirror of lost
> content. They too have instructions for removal at
> http://www.archive.org/about/faqs.php#2
> -Mary
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