[Techtalk] How to create a live boot CD containing your favorite Linux Distro

perimorph perimorph at mindspring.com
Tue Aug 12 17:56:17 EST 2003

Samantha -- If I get time to try it this weekend, I'll probably be
experimenting with Redhat 9.  Drop me an e-mail with some suggestions
for programs to include, and I'll send you a copy if I get it to work.

Bud -- Thanks for the info.  :)  And yeah, it probably _isn't_ that
often someone would want to use a live-cd on a computer that won't boot
from the cd-rom drive.  See, the story goes like this..  Word got around
in my office that I Really Know What I'm Doing (TM) with computers, so
my co-workers come to me when they have problems with their home
systems.  (Just a hobby for me right now...  But I did get a nice 17"
monitor out of it one time!)  So anyhow, one of them had a modem that
wouldn't work, so I was going to use my Mandrake 8 cd and do some stuff
at the command line to figure out if the computer could see it or not.. 
But her computer was so old, it couldn't boot from the cd.  I think I
ended up needing to re-seat the card or something, I forget.  But the
point is, it just made me curious how someone would set it up that way. 


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