[Techtalk] How to create a live boot CD containing yourfavorite Linux Distro

Samantha Blackmon blackmos at purdue.edu
Tue Aug 12 15:23:58 EST 2003

This looks great, but a little out of my league right now. If anyone does a
RH CD, please let me know. I'd love to have one!

Samantha (aka Technogrrl)

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hi bud -- thanks for the how-to.  :)  i always wondered how one would go
about doing that since someone gave me a mandrake 8 bootable cd a while
back.  i'll try following your directions when i have some time and let you
know how it works out for me.

as for your "motivation - why?" section, you might add that it's a nice way
to try out other distros without committing to them.  i started with redhat
and i'm happy with it, so i don't have any desire to erase everything just
on a whim..  but still, i'd like to try out debian and some others just to
see what they're like.

one thing i didn't see while i was skimming your how-to but i'd like to
know..  it would occasionally be useful to use one of these cd's on an old
computer that can't boot from the cd-rom drive.  how would it be possible to
make a floppy disk that can load the cd?  (my apologies if you covered that
and i missed it, i'm kinda sleep-deprived.)


>  This is a small project I've been working on the last couple of weeks 
> with
> some success. So I thought I'd share my experience and finally got around
> writing a How-To.
> http://www.babytux.org/articles/howto/how2livecd.php
> I'd appreciate any feedback. May be some of you will be able to try 
> this out
> independently and improve on it :)

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