[Techtalk] RE: Problem with booting in GRUB

Tintin J. Marapao cjereme at ucla.edu
Sat Aug 2 10:47:30 EST 2003


> GRUB _
> I think the '_' is the cursor. But whatever I type,
> the cursor just doesn't move - I can't see anything I
> type, the pc hangs.
> I don't have a boot disk as I don't have flopy driver
> with my pc. I can boot the pc from a KNOPPIX cd and
> can see the files in all partitions. However, I don't
> have the permission to open the boot/grub.conf file.

You may need to reinstall grub -
If you still have your linux rh disk 1, have your pc boot  with the cdrom
and type in "linux rescue" at the prompt and follow the instructions as you
go along
do a chroot and you can edit your grub.conf from there. You may want to do
an "fdisk" just to see how your partition tables look like



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