[Techtalk] RE: Problem with booting in GRUB

c s stillsmz at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 2 07:23:40 EST 2003


I can't boot my pc after reintalling of the RedHat 9.
The reinstallation's done by creating a new partition
- boot partition, and reformating all the linux

when I boot the pc, I can't see the boot menu but the


I think the '_' is the cursor. But whatever I type,
the cursor just doesn't move - I can't see anything I
type, the pc hangs.

I don't have a boot disk as I don't have flopy driver
with my pc. I can boot the pc from a KNOPPIX cd and
can see the files in all partitions. However, I don't
have the permission to open the boot/grub.conf file.

Anyone has any idea about this? 

Thanks very much


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