[Techtalk] Setting up ADSL on RH 8

Berenice showercurtain2000 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 20 20:19:33 EST 2003

I'm now using ADSL and wondering how to set it up on RH8. My sister
and I are sharing the internet connection.  Her machine uses Win98SE,
with the adsl modem and hub connected to it.  My machine, which is a
Win2000/RH8 dual boot is connected to hers via a straight ethernet
cable.  I can reach the internet when I use Win2000 but not with RH.

I've tried using RH's internet configuration wizard to set up a
connection, using DHCP to get IP addresses.  But it doesn't work
because it doesn't appear when I check ifconfig.  Is there a way to
fix this?     


ps: In case you're wondering why the modem is on my sister's (older
and slower) computer, it's because I tried it the other way round and
suffered no end of hissy fits when my sister discovered she couldn't
use the internet unless I was using windows, which I usually don't. 
She's a chatroom addict and needs internet access NOW :P

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