[Techtalk] RedHat 8.0 dualboot with Windows XP

Phil Savoie psavoie1783 at rogers.com
Thu Apr 17 07:48:55 EST 2003

Hi Chantal,

I am running exactly the config you would like to have.  I have had no 
problems dual booting with the two os's.  Just ensure that you have enough HD 
for redhat.  I would recommend something like partition magic to resize your 
xp partition to gain enough room for rh.

Hope this helps you,

Phil Savoie

On Thursday 17 April 2003 04:24, Chantal wrote:
> A couple of weeks ago, my friend gave me a set of CDs with Linux RedHat
> 8.0. I would like to install it as dualboot with Windows XP. When I tried
> to do that with RedHat 7.3, Linux didn't recognise XP, and I had to find
> another way to make them both boot. Does any of you know if 8.0 will make
> my life (well, not my life, but at least the installation) easier? I plan
> to use Grub.
> Chantal
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