[Techtalk] Re: I lost my filessystem

Carla Schroder carla at bratgrrl.com
Tue Apr 15 09:22:42 EST 2003

On Tuesday 15 April 2003 4:27 am, Conor Daly wrote:
> > The first command went fine - it found the root. But it couldn't find any
> > vmlinuz* files. I found this strange because when I boot into rescue
> > mode, I can see the system loading a vmlinuz file. I got the vmlinuz
> > version from the GRUB commands (vmlinuz-2.4.18-14) and tried it directly
> > (without using tab-completion), but it still didin't work. I got "Error
> > 15: File not found", so I couldn't go ahead with this solution.
> Try again but use the tab completion this time.  You'll see quick enough
> either that the file isn't there or that it has a different name.  When
> you boot into rescue mode, are you booting from a CD rather than from the
> hard disk?  If so, the vmlinuz that is loading comes off the CD.
> What is /dev/hdb1?  Is it a small /boot partition?  If so, that's where
> your vmlinuz is.  I'm not sure how to tell grub that vmlinuz is in a
> partition other than the root partition.  Carla?  
> root(hd1,0)?  
> kernel (hd1,0)/vmlinuz... root=/dev/hdb2?

A rescue disk boots its own vmlinuz, that is unrelated to finding the one on 
your hard drive. If it's not finding vmlinuz on the hard drive, then it's 
missing or damaged. Tab completion will find all kernels, no matter how many 
partitions and kernels there are. The only other thing I can think is 
double-check the root values, remember if


then on this line it uses fdisk numbering:

kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.4.19 root=/dev/hdb2

Gaah, this is frustrating, I never did like remote diagnosis!

Carla Schroder
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