[Techtalk] I lost my filesystem

Mary mary-linuxchix at puzzling.org
Tue Apr 15 08:30:52 EST 2003

On Mon, Apr 14, 2003, Hanlie Pretorius wrote:
> * change fstab to remove references to hda but the whole system is in
> read-only mode and we can't save fstab (we can see the three
> partitions though)

This is a good solution, but you will need to boot off a rescue disk to
do it, rather than booting from the hard drive itself.

Normally the process is:

 - boot from a rescue disk (most distribution installers work as rescue
   disks, there's also a CD image downloadable from
   http://www.lnx-bbc.org/ and a floppy rescue disk from
 - mount the partition with /etc/fstab on it somewhere if the rescue
   disk didn't find it
 - edit /etc/fstab

Rescue disks are fantastic in these kind of situations.


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