[Techtalk] Viewing kdb man pages in microsoft windows

Michelle Konzack linux.mailinglists at freenet.de
Wed Nov 27 18:06:15 EST 2002


Am 00:20 2002-11-27 +0000 hat Alvin Goats geschrieben:
>I've never seen anything for DOS or Windows to do this. However, in


>man manpage > manpage.txt

Do you know DJGPP ???


Go to the ZIP-Picker and thel it to pick the right man- 
and info-viewer. 

It is a GNU Programming Toolkit of around 450 MBytes (???) 
and ther are man- and info-viewer for DOS !!! 

I programm every day under Dos and Linux and I use it all the time. 
It works perfectly. No need to make Textfiles or soething like this. 


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