[Techtalk] mysqlimport importing problems

Charlotte Oliver COliver at casedesign.com
Fri Nov 22 12:35:34 EST 2002

> > Does anyone know how I could view those Warnings and get a 
> heads up on 
> > what's going on?
> That's one of the Great Mysteries of the Universe. :))  
> According to the online documentation at www.mysql.com, " The 
> warnings are not stored anywhere; the number of warnings can 
> only be used as an indication if everything went well. "  You 
> can't read those Warnings, and I get them all the time even 
> on operations that worked perfectly fine.

Bad MySQL, bad!
Yeah, I found that article yesterday and shook my head.  It's not a
helpful attribute at all! :)

> Try leaving out the --columns=AssetCatID,AssetCategory since 
> you only have those two columns anyway, and adding 
> --fields-terminated-by="," and see if that works.
> Like Linda, I prefer LOAD DATA LOCAL to mysqlimport, so I 
> went to that page (http://www.mysql.com/doc/en/LOAD_DATA.html) and
> this:  "LOAD DATA INFILE also generates warnings when there are too
few or 
> too many fields in the input row" which makes me think you have some 
> extraneous characters in your input file maybe?  

*nod*  I got so frustrated that I tried importing another file and had
it work instantaneously.
Go figure, right?

I'm guessing that I had extraneous characters in the file and that's
what was making it goof, so this morning, I reexported it just as a tab
delineated file and it imported correctly.


Thanks again to the 'chix for all your help!


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