[Techtalk] backup suggestions needed

caitlynmaire at earthlink.net caitlynmaire at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 21 17:47:50 EST 2002

HI, Jen,

How about amanda?  We use it for a much larger enterprise backup, but a
single client and a server should do the job for you.  Red Hat provides
rpms, but for 2.4.2p2  2.4.3 rpms fo RH 8.0 are on the
ftp://ftp.colorado-research.com site.  For any other distro you'll have
to build from source, which isn't terrible.  I do it for all the Solaris
boxen here.

Basic info is at http://www.amanda.org
Step-by-step instructions are at:

>From a security standpoint, amanda runs as an xinetd service.

All the best,

> I have one DLT drive, and 2 db servers that require backup.
> There is not enough diskspace on either to make a local copy of all
> the files that require backup (which i would then backup with a single
> 'dump' if life were easy)
> Can anyone suggest the  best way to do this? I've been searching for
> the better part of today for a way to rsync to a tape drive-but no
> luck. I would very,very much like to avoid using .rhosts,nfs, or any
> remote mounting even on a private net-but so far that seems like the
> way to go.
> I'd appreciate some alternative suggestions.

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