[Techtalk] Big Question

Maria Blackmore mariab at cats.meow.at
Wed Nov 20 11:24:24 EST 2002

On Wed, 20 Nov 2002, Andrew wrote:

> 	Well,Well,Well, in all my years I have never actually "seen" a viri. My
> Mac's all have had a checker, is it time to get a Linux Viri checker?

It's up to you, but I can tell you that your linux machine is pretty much
immune to that one.  There are a handful of linux viruses, there's not
much milage in writing one because there's very little one can actually do

> 	Any recomendations?

I believe Trend and Sophos have versions of their engine that will run
under linux, there could well be others.  They both run on the same
pattern files as the windows versions, which will contain the patterns for
the linux viruses.

You can set these up with amavis to scan email as it comes in, before your
local mail server delivers it to a mailbox/maildir.  If your mail program
collects from POP3 directly that won't help you though, I'm not sure what
to do about that other than convert it to pick up with fetchmail and
deliver locally.

> 	I deleted the message from Sylpheed. Next time how do I "expose" the
> headers.

I don't use Sylpheed, hopefully someone else will know.


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