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Andrew showork at adelphia.net
Wed Nov 20 02:24:56 EST 2002

Hi Everyone,

	Do Bookmark This Site "http://rpm.pbone.net", I did.

	'rpm --rebuilddb' may answer a long term irritant of mine.

	As a nubie I have long wondered if there is a point when the (or a)
distrubution can be "broken" by adding or removing programs. To be more
precise is there a point after adding or removing programs that the (or
a) distrubution can not be up-graded simply by using the CD. Or using
the CD would cause more trouble than it would slove. I mean more of a
problem than might be anyway. 
	I have learned "mandrake won't care if the kernel is upgraded" and a
lot of other good stuff, but still am not sure what are the right
questioins to ask, I have seen the same quandry in people I have taught
the MacOS to. Now that MacOS of old is history and I want a feel for
Linux like the one that took me many years to achieve on the Mac. Thank
you all for your replies and insights. 
	Also the Mac's are so much more expensive than a Linux PC. I remember
not so long ago when a single license to connect Mac's to $indoz was
$1400,00 (fourteen hundred dollars US). Linux with LinuxChix is great.
	 Thank You,

On Tue, 19 Nov 2002 20:24:17 +0000
Hugo Chasqueira <hchasqueira at netcabo.pt> wrote:

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> Hi Andrew,
> As far as I know, 'updatedb' doesn't fix anything, it simply updates
> the slocate database. locate allows you to find files in your hard
> drives very fast, because it doesn't search them in the disk, it
> searches them in the slocate database.
> On the other hand, 'rpm --rebuilddb' can fix your RPM database. I've
> had the same problem when using Mandrake Update. Rebuilding the RPM
> database fixed it.
> In both cases, it doesn't matter from 'where' you run the command, but
> you have to be root to execute them.
> About aspell, if you go to http://rpm.pbone.net and search for
> aspell-0.5 in Mandrake area, you will find a source rpm for aspell.
> You might try to compile it on your system using 'rpm --rebuild
> aspell-0.5xxx.src.rpm'.
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