[Techtalk] Networking options

Dave North dave at timocharis.com
Sun Nov 17 12:43:44 EST 2002

> We're trying to figure out ways to use ethernet without the cables
> getting in the way of closing the bedroom doors.

The neatest way to do it is exactly what the cable folks do: drill a small
hole in the floor at the edge of the carpet and run the cable down to the
crawlspace/basement, then back up at the other end.
	If this is a bit too challenging, an easier way is to drill small
holes in the ceiling (these are easily repaired any later time; a little
spackle and paint does the trick) and run the cable along the rafters,
then down on the other end.
	There is, of course, wireless to consider.
	Where I did my last install, concrete floors meant using the
ceiling, and I laid in a line about twice as long as the one you're doing
in about 45 minutes.
	If you avoid rafters when drilling the holes (you're just going
through sheetrock) it's pretty harmless to take the ceiling approach.


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