[Techtalk] Moz-a-browser II

Carlo Hamalainen ch at uqconnect.net
Tue Nov 12 07:23:04 EST 2002

On Mon, 11 Nov 2002, Hamster wrote:
> I am a happy Opera user, which might be a nice alternative for you if
> you have no objections to something not open source. I am currently
> running an Opera beta, but have not had any problems with it. Opera blocks
> popups.

Even better, Opera allows for images *not* to be loaded, and then lets you
load individual images or all images on the current page with one

I've found that 99% of sites on the Internet have almost no content (text)
and the download time is all for the useless images. Everything's so fast
now on this 56k modem :)

-- Carlo

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