[Techtalk] Modem not detected after installing the .rpm file

linda ling lindaling at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 11 05:16:12 EST 2002

Dear members,

    I have a problem with me right now.I'm currently using internal Motorola 
SM56 and i've got the driver for Linux RedHat 7.1 but the RH version i'm 
using is RH7.3...kernel version 2.4.18-3.i kept the rpm file int he floppy.
   First,i mount the floppy with the command mount /mnt/floppy.Then, i copy 
the file into my /root directory.From there, i run the rpm file with 
KPackage...if i'm not mistaken.

   Then, i proceed to the kPPP(Internet dial-up tool)using the dialup setup 
instead of the wizard chose the destination for modem is /dev/modem and i 
think it's the closest i could get coz' there are only 
/dev/modem,/dev/ttyS0....and /dev/ttyI0.....and also /dev/USB.... .After 
that, when i click on the Connect button...tthe message that i received is 
"Sorry,can't open modem".
   I did check in my /dev diirectory......there's /dev/modem and it's link 
to /dev/sm56.I hope my problem gets the attention of Techtalk members and 
hopefully for those interested will be able tto give me some helping 
hand.Thank you for reading my mail and thanks a lot for those 
replying.Thanks again.

                                                        Seeking help,

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