Kudzu (was Re: [Techtalk] Error installing the driver of my 10/100MB Ethernet card)

Rebecca J. Walter rjp at mail.tele.dk
Fri Nov 8 14:32:30 EST 2002

> > Running the command kudzu could also detect the card and find a driver
> > for it. Kudzu will probably find the driver if it says it detects the
> > card.
> Oh yeah, if kudzu likes it I'd think you'd be home and dry (which is, by the 
> way, something I'd rather appreciate right now - I'm at school and soaking 
> wet. I hate English weather!)

I would like to know something about this thingie called "kudzu".  To
me, kudzu is an evil groundcover that is taking over parts of the United
States and causing serious environmental damage.  I think it was
originally supposed to be good food for cattle but it ran rampant.

So when I hear "kudzu" and something to do with computers... I imagine
something like Microsoft Windows... It tries to take over your computer
and eradicate what belongs there.  Also, once it is there, it is almost
impossible to get rid of.

So what is kudzu really and I am the only person who gets this sort of
image from the name?

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