[Techtalk] Error installing the driver of my 10/100MB Ethernet card

Samer Yhya samer-yhya at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 7 20:54:40 EST 2002

Thanks guys,

It’s just that this was my first post and I didn’t get
a single answer. So you have never heard of this
network card. I apparently made the mistake of buying
the first card I saw without considering Linux

Telsa: I’m not sure what exactly you will try to find
out, but I appreciate any help you can offer. The card
I have is “Sweex PCI LANCARD” (NOT the one with wake
on LAN). The driver is downloaded from the
manufacturer at:
They claim it worked on RedHat 7.1/7.2 (and also
Mandrake 8.0/8.1, Slackware 8.0, SuSe 7.2, RedFlag
2.4, Caldera 3.0). Naturally the manufacturer was the
first place I e-mailed, but I got no response.

I assumed since it was the right driver for the card
then there is just some little setting, source file or
some other little thing that would fix it. What I
would like to hear is some suggestions that I can
test. There are many experienced people here and I’m
sure you have a few tricks up your sleeve.
Remember I just installed RedHat8, so I can mess it up
testing anything and format it and try again. So hold
no idea back. Hit me with all you’ve got.

Thanks again for all the replies.
Samer Y.

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