[Techtalk] evolution and ipop3d (kinda unrelated)

/dev/null dev_null at iriXx.org
Thu Nov 7 15:01:49 EST 2002

Kmail will do this i believe.....


nicoya wrote:
> On a slightly different note regarding Ximian, I've been using it for
> about a week now, and have been a bit bummed to find that while it has
> an option for leaving messages on the pop server, it does not have an
> option for deleting messages from the server when they are deleted
> locally.  This is handy for those of us who both pop and webmail to an
> account.  I know Mozilla mail supports this, but does anyone know of any
> other good Linux-friendly mail clients that do?
> ~~~Nicoya...

"While UNIX says ``I'm sorry you can't do that'', MacOS has exactly two 
error messages. It either goes ``eep?'' or the setup box is simply not 
there until 12 other unidentified items have been installed and three 
apparently unrelated dialog boxes have been completed. "

- Alan Cox

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