[Techtalk] Galeon and RH8 slooow

Glen Strom gstrom at eol.ca
Wed Nov 6 20:51:28 EST 2002

On Wed, 6 Nov 2002 14:23:45 -0800
Carla Schroder <carla at bratgrrl.com> wrote:

> Howdy,
> Got me a real head-scratcher here. When I run Galeon, my most favorite
> browser that I will die if I can't use it, it slows my system way
> down. Specifically, switching between desktops, and apps slows to a
> crawl- click, wait wait wait, then it goes. Everything else works at
> normal speed, like typing this email. It does it in both KDE and
> Gnome. CPU and memory usage are normal.
> system: RH8
> Duron 800
> Voodoo 3
> 256 SDRAM
> usual blah blah, really, a nice plain-vanilla home-built system. I
> have a Celeron-based box that does not do this. I haven't seen any
> mention of it on the Psyche list or Galeon. If I close Galeon, instant
> fix. Sometimes it fixes itself, for awhile, if I leave Galeon running.
> Any notions how to figure this out?
> -- 
Here are a few suggestions (they gushed out of my brain in no specific

Since Galeon uses Gekko, perhaps you could try Mozilla to see if you
have a similar problem.

If it's not that, perhaps trying a newer, or older, version of Galeon
might help.

If you're using a source version of Galeon maybe there's a conflict with
leftover bits and pieces of a previous version (for example, a config
file in your home directory).

If you're using a version of Galeon that you recently upgraded to, were
there any new dependencies (libraries, etc) that could be causing a

Glen Strom
gstrom at eol.ca

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