[Techtalk] Saving in PDF

Caitlyn M. Martin cmartin at rateintegration.com
Tue Nov 5 13:15:17 EST 2002

Hi, Dan,

> Does anyone know a word processor that can save in PDF format?

OpenOffice has already been covered.  There is also a program called
ps2pdf that will do what the name implies:  convert postscript to PDF. 
Most word processors can print to or save to postscript.
> I occurred to me recently that this shouldn't be too difficult (we already 
> have open-source converters from Postscript or LaTeX to PDF), and it would 
> add significant "coolness" because the plug-in to convert Word to PDF costs 
> a considerable chunk of money.

OTOH, OpenOffice does a nice job of producing Word documents if they are
not overly complex.
> Additionally, it would provide an alternative to Word as a universal medium 
> of interchange. I'm thinking of resumes/CVs in particular here. Everyone 
> sends resumes in Word format; PDF would be "snazzy" and more open than Word.

I landed my current job in early August and did a lengthy job search
before that.  Almost everyone demands .doc format for resumes.  You
really don't have a choice.  Also, not everyone has Acrobat Reader on
their Windows PCs.  

I have an HTML resume (which needs updating) online.  I had one
recruiter who couldn't even figure out how to scroll down the page to
download the .doc file they wanted.  No amount of explaining would help,
either.  I had to e-mail it to her.  She was that clueless.  Once upon a
time I would have thanked her but told her she wasn't qualified to find
me a technical job.  In today's oh so tight job market that isn't an

So... I create Word files, but I don't use Word to do it.


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