[Techtalk] Cron

Charlotte Oliver COliver at casedesign.com
Tue Nov 5 10:38:12 EST 2002

> I'm rather familiar with cron, but I've run into a problem 
> that puzzles me. 
> I've run cron jobs under root and under the backup account of 
> our company's 
> server before. But now they run under the backup account, but 
> not under 
> root. Crontab says everything works, but root's cron jobs never run.
> By the way, there is no /etc/cron.deny, and /etc/cron.allow 
> contains only 
> two entries: root and backup.
> ========== Dan Richter ============== mailto:Dan at wimba.com ===========

This is probably not the answer, but I encountered this problem when I
first started using cron.

Make sure no one has prettied up the file and put any spaces before the
entries.  If they're not flush against the left, then the jobs will not
run and won't log any error messages.

Other than that, I'd make sure that syslogd is set to log messages from
cron (not sure how this works exactly, but I remember configuring it
once) and check your log files.


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