[Techtalk] Saving in PDF

Isabelle HURBAIN isabelle.hurbain at free.fr
Tue Nov 5 10:04:30 EST 2002

On Tue, 05 Nov 2002 09:03:40 +0100
Dan Richter <daniel.richter at wimba.com> wrote:

> Does anyone know a word processor that can save in PDF format?
> I occurred to me recently that this shouldn't be too difficult (we
> already have open-source converters from Postscript or LaTeX to PDF),
> and it would add significant "coolness" because the plug-in to convert
> Word to PDF costs a considerable chunk of money.
> Additionally, it would provide an alternative to Word as a universal
> medium of interchange. I'm thinking of resumes/CVs in particular here.
> Everyone sends resumes in Word format; PDF would be "snazzy" and more
> open than Word.

OpenOffice.org does it, it's a bit complicated though : you have to
configure the PDF export as a printer (the printing configuration
tool allows that). Then you can print through it and get a nice pdf ;)
Concerning resumes, there are companies that _request_ .doc documents
(which is particularly annoying when you have a nice LaTeX resume...)



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